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36in. Flexible Radiator Hose Kit, Chrome

36in. Flexible Radiator Hose Kit, Chrome

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When it comes to custom radiator hoses for your project, there aren't many options. You can cut and splice OEM-style rubber hoses; but that adds leak points and looks terrible. Silicone replacements are an excellent upgrade from rubber hoses, but most are only offered as stock replacements. Luckily, Mishimoto has a better option: stainless-steel flexible hose. Mishimoto's Stainless-Steel Radiator Hose Kit is both durable and flexible, with the ability to be manipulated into any hose shape needed for your project. Unlike rubber hoses, our stainless-steel hoses won't degrade from repeated heat cycles and are corrosion and crack-resistant to provide a far longer lifespan. Styling is also important to our customers, which is why we are offering this flexible hose in a variety of finish options, ensuring you will find a hose to suit your engine bay.

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