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For Ford Focus ST Intercooler Pipe Kit, 2013-2018, Wrinkle Black

For Ford Focus ST Intercooler Pipe Kit, 2013-2018, Wrinkle Black

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Open up the flow of the charged air in your 2013-2018 Ford Focus ST with the Mishimoto Performance Intercooler Piping Kit. The piping equipped on the 2.0L EcoBoost engine from the factory is riddled with bends, restrictive piping diameters, and degradation-prone materials, all of which slow the air to and from your intercooler putting a strain on the FOST?s performance. We here at Mishimoto'strive to free the flow of the charged air in your sporty Focus. To start we removed the turbo muffler from the design of the hot-side stock piping, and reduced the amount of bends giving the airflow a more direct flow from the turbo to the intercooler. On top of the reduction of bends, we increased the inner diameter of the piping to 2.5 inches of high-grade aluminum, allowing for a 14-percent increase in volume and 26-percent greater flow over the stock equipment. The stock rubber connections have also been replaced with sturdy silicone couplers to ensure solid connection between piping and intercooler. The improvements don?t stop with the hot-side piping. The cold-side piping received an overhaul as well, replacing the degradation-prone rubber construction with 5 layers of durable silicone complete with heat-resistant fibers, ensuring that the cold-side airflow stays cool. For added support, the single section of piping is reinforced with steel wire ensuring that it keeps its shape under heavy load. Speaking of shape, the Mishimoto Performance Cold-Side Intercooler Pipe features an elliptical shape to accommodate the increased size of the Mishimoto Performance Radiator.The result of adding the Mishimoto full Performance Intercooler and Piping kit to your 2013-2018 Focus ST in conjunction with the Mishimoto Performance intake is a 21-percent increase in flow of the charged air through the system, and an additional 8hp and 10ft/lb of torque boost on top of intake and intercooler gains on the stock tune.

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