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In-Line Pre-Filter -10AN

In-Line Pre-Filter -10AN

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As much time, energy, and money as we invest in our vehicles, it makes sense to care for them properly and perform as much preventative maintenance as possible. This new addition to the Mishimoto lineup, our -AN In-Line Pre-Filter, is a simple way to add an extra filtration stage for your transmission, differential, or engine oil pump system. Offered in popular -AN sizes from -6AN to -12AN, this in-line pre-filter unit is compact enough to fit in cramped engine bays and is highly effective at removing contaminants. A 150-micron sintered bronze internal filter removes contaminants from lubricating fluids, and an integrated rare-earth magnet ensures any metallic debris is captured before entry into the pump. These two filtration stages help extend the life of your fluid pump and associated components. In addition, this pre-filter is precision designed for minimal pressure drop, ensuring ample fluid flow. The Mishimoto -AN Pre-Filter is finished in a sleek, durable, corrosion-resistant anodized finish. Our engineers designed this filtration unit to be completely serviceable, allowing for easy disassembly and cleaning or complete filter replacement with our available service pack . As with all our products, this -AN In-line Pre-Filter includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

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